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VECTOR Services are a set of shared information technology resources created to help Vendors and Contract Companies meet the drug-testing program requirements of their clients as easily and economically as possible. VECTOR Services are provided at no additional charge to companies utilizing Psychemedics Corporation laboratory services. VECTOR Services is also provided at no charge to companies providing support services. Medical Review Officers and Third Party Administrators interested in growing their business by becoming a VECTOR-Integrated provider are encouraged to contact Psychemedics Corporation's VECTOR Services Department by phone at 800-637-1645 or by Email at PSYCHEMEDICS CORPORATION Superior Drug Detection Psychemedics developed the first commercially feasible hair test for drugs of abuse, and has been dedicated to hair testing for over 25 years since the company was formed. Thousands of corporations, schools and police forces rely on Psychemedics' proprietary hair analysis technology for their drug screening. With millions of tests performed since 1987, we continue to be the leader in hair testing technology. For more information, visit our company website
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